21 Days!

Workout Jam of the Day

“The Victory” By: Third Day

What Did I Eat Today

Breakfast – 1 Kellogg’s Flatbread Breakfast Sandwich – Egg, Spinach, & Cheese Medley

Lunch – 2 Sauteed Portabella Mushroom Caps Seasoned in Cavender’s All Purpose Greek Seasoning, 1 Boiled Artichoke w/ Mayo & Worcestershire Dipping Sauce

Snack – Protein Smoothie (Frozen Black Cherries & Blueberries, Almond Breeze Reduced Sugar Vanilla Almond Milk, Vitality Elevate Vanilla Plant-Based Protein Powder)

Dinner – Cabbage w/ Organic Diced Tomatoes, Carrots, & Onion

Gym Journal

My expectations were low for this day when I walked in sore, but I’m pleased to report I made another positive step forward! I increased the treadmill from 4.5 to 4.7mph for the full 10 minutes, and I still managed to run the whole time without stopping. This wore me out a bit, though, and I walked at 3.5 for the first two minutes of the cooldown only to feel energized enough to do the third minute back at 4.7. Again seeing how close I was to a full mile I kicked it up to 5.5 for roughly the last 15 seconds, but I still came up a few tenths short on the reading. C’est la vie.

From there I went through arm day – Pectoral Fly, Rear Deltoid, Shoulder Press, Row, Pulldown, Tricep Press, Tricep Extension, & Back Extension. I also knocked out my planks. I was able to increase the weight on some of those machines but not all. There wasn’t much truly eventful about today – and that’s the point. Today marked 21 days of consistently visiting the gym!

I stuck with it no matter how easy and tempting it was to quit, and now it is truly a habit that feels like part of my normal routine. I didn’t have to fight myself to come. I just put on my gym clothes, grabbed my bag, and went. I wasn’t thinking about where else I could be or what else I could be doing. I was present in the moment and focusing on positive growth, continuing to push myself further into new territory I felt the Lord calling me to explore.

My conscious awareness of this knowledge about how habits are formed doesn’t weaken or nullify them. In fact, it makes them that much more powerful. 21 days was a micro goal for me, and today I celebrate a victory! In that short time not only have I formed a habit, but I’ve cut over two minutes off my mile time and shattered the ceiling of what I thought I was capable of doing. Being able to step back from myself in the given moment and see each step I’ve taken to climb the mountain is humbling and strengthens my faith to know that God sent me here to claim more of the blessings He has had in store for my life beyond my imagining.

I find it interesting that today of all days is when I discovered the following paper in the cup holder of the treadmill, like God’s sign He’s using this to feed my soul. I got the pictures and put it back in the cup holder for to bless the next person.

I just feel good. The energy in my life is so different right now. I wish I could explain to you how much more energized, driven, and downright joyful I have been or this anticipation in my chest like something big and wonderful is coming. Thank you Lord. I needed this.

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