First Weigh In! Stat Update

Workout Jam of the Day

“Meant To Live” By: Switchfoot

What Did I Eat Today

Breakfast L’oven Apple Cinnamon Breakfast Round w/ Berryhill Apple Butter, V8+Energy Diet Strawberry Lemonade

Lunch – Protein Smoothie (Organic Banana & Strawberries, Almond Breeze Reduced Sugar Vanilla Almond Milk, Vitality Elevate Vanilla Protein Powder)

Snack – Artichoke, Simply Nature Sea Salt Cauliflower Crackers

Dinner – Spaghetti Squash Boat w/ Ragu Six Cheese Marinara, Onion, Bell Pepper, Mushroom, & Lindsay Naturals Black Olives Topped w/ Sargento Ultra Thin Provalone

Gym Journal

Today’s the day – my very first weigh in and stat update! I’m actually very happy with these results and looking forward to what next month will look like. All the goods will be at the end, but first I have some awesome God moments to share with you!

When I was running on the treadmill today, I prayed for God to help me set a new record. Around the 6 minute mark when I envisioned myself typing the words “pushing through this today killed me” in this blog, it was like God shouted at me – “NO! It gave you life! LIFE!” Ok. Yes Lord. I hear, and I agree. Usually when I see 8 minutes on the timer my mind accepts that I’m almost there and can do it. Things get a little easier. Hitting the 10 minute mark is when I get my second wind or what they call a runner’s high. Knowing I accomplished the main 10 minute goal and every second still running after that is a bonus toward a better mile time, it actually gives me the energy to run faster for every step until it says 1.00 mile on the screen. I did end up setting a new record of a 12:29 mile time!

Again when I went to plank, this is the prayer I said kneeling on the mat:

Today is a day of record breaking, Lord. Give me the strength and ability to push through for your glory and my health. Use it to inspire and motivate those who need to get off the couch or don’t think they can do it. Show them you want us to be healthy and will empower us to get there if we put our trust in you, in Jesus name.

For the last two weeks my ceiling for planking was 1:22. I just couldn’t seem to break it. I kept dropping around 1:10ish and taking a break before doing smaller intervals. The only thing different about today was prayer, and I proceeded to break my record by 8 seconds. In fact, I didn’t even glance at the stopwatch until 0:57 which is unheard of! God is so good! Don’t leave Him out of your physical health!

Ok, so here’s what you need to know about the stats you are about to see!

Any stat related to a gym machine is based on my ability to do 3 full sets of 12 reps at that weight. This is about anaerobic calorie burning and increased strength benefit, not body building. There are a few more machines I could track that I occasionally use, but they strain my elbow injury so I decided to leave them out of the metrics.

You’ll notice I really haven’t lost many pounds (which I explained in the post Let’s Talk Food). In short, while I have lost fat, given the high exercise level involved, I have also gained muscle mass/density which adds pounds. In the first month they sort of cancel each other out. The progress I have made here has surpassed all my best records in my entire life, ones that took me many months to reach previously. The only difference this time is that I am letting God guide and mold me, and He is boosting my efforts.

There is a powerful lesson in these stats. If I was only basing my success on the weight and BMI on the scale, this month would look like a crawling failure. They both say I am extremely obese. Society will say I’m fat, worthless, not pretty, or that without looks I’ll never get anywhere. God says this body does not define what I’m capable of – He does. He says I’m strong and beautiful inside and out, more valuable than the treasures of the world. God wins.

This month I broke records and accomplished things I have never done. (I never ran more than 3 minutes without stopping in my entire life, and now I can run a 12:29 mile after 18 visits to the gym, what?! That’s ALL GOD!) I gained so much strength, clarity, growth, and am more energized in my days. The world cannot tell me who I am. My identity is in Christ, and I love how God sees me and how I see me because of Him. And you can too. If you have been basing your success on the scale alone – STOP – before you miss every other beautiful win God is giving you. See the whole picture!

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