Accidental 5K

Workout Jam of the Day

“Lift Up Your Face” By: Third Day

What Did I Eat Today

Breakfast – 2 Halo Easy Peel Oranges, 1 Organic Banana, 1/2 Bottle Protein2.o +Energy

Lunch – Vegan Steak Fajita Salad (Lettuce & Organic Spinach Topped w/ Gardein Beefless Tips, Onion, Bell Pepper)

Snack – Apple Pie Larabar

Dinner – Fish Tacos (Gardein Fishless Filets, Lettuce, Rotel Diced Tomatoes w/ Lime Juice & Cilantro, Wrapped in Mission Carb Balance Tortilla (Only 4g Net Carbs!)

Gym Journal

I made it to the gym Saturday, but didn’t blog that day. It turned out to be an incredible success! For the first time ever, I unintentionally did my first 5K! My goal had been to just be on the treadmill for one hour alternating between 3.5-5.5mph, walking and jogging as I was able for some good anaerobic calorie burn and endurance building. When I glanced down at the 2.92 miles point, it occurred to me to look up how many miles are in a 5K (it’s 3.107miles). When I saw this, I ran until the 3.11 marker, and the timer said 47:24. As a point of reference, when I hit my goal of a 10 minute mile, if I could maintain that it would produce a 32 minute 5K. If I had been trying to test my 5K time from the start I would have run more, so I was pretty ok with this accomplishment!

Today at the gym was leg day, and it was a challenge. I pushed myself so hard on Saturday that I developed a pretty painful blister on the back of my left heel. It wasn’t fully healed yet, and I didn’t want to make it worse. While I still got things done, I tried not to hurt myself as well. Not every visit to the gym has to be a record breaker, and I’m happy with myself for getting through it when I had an excuse I could have leaned on to skip. I asked the personal trainer if she had tips for getting rid of them. She said her daughter is a ballerina and gets them all the time. She recommended soaking it in baking soda and epsom salt. #funfacts

After I made my way through all the standard leg day machines, I decided I wanted to try some of the abdominal machines I’ve been afraid to try. The Ab Coaster was interesting. Basically you brace your upper body in place while your knees are on a wheely flat pad. You do crunches by rolling your knees up toward your chest. I did several sets of the that. It also rotated so I was able to target left and right obliques.

Then I tried one that I don’t know what it’s called, but you brace your legs in place and lay on your back at a pretty sharp downward angle. Then you do upward crunches and can hit three circle targets with your hands. OMG. I just laughed and laughed the majority of the time I was on this. It is still pretty challenging for me at this angle with how far you have to crunch to reach the circles, but I managed to get through hitting each one twice just to know that I can do it. I think I will continue trying to get better at this one, perhaps without laughing at myself so strongly. Something about being upside down like that just cracks me up I guess. Of course I still wrapped up with some planking when I was done then hit the infrared bed.

Overall it was a good day! To wrap up, I would like to share what I posted in my Peace Is The Road Bible Study group on Facebook Saturday. I was having a profound moment:

“As I was getting out of the car to walk in the gym this morning, I was thinking how much I don’t want to be cold anymore. 🥶 I’m ready for summer, but I also don’t want to be melting hot. 🥵 A middle ground is nice. It’s comfortable. 😌

Then God said to me:
Stop trying to live ‘comfortable’ all the time. It’s when you break the ceiling of your goals or break the walls of strongholds or break the shackles of addictions that you really start living.

Then I was reminded of yesterday when I was on the treadmill thinking about how keeping going was killing me, and He yelled at me “No! It’s giving you LIFE!”. There’s a theme here.

It’s so true! Pushing past comfortable when I’m running for example is transforming my life right now! When it gets hard to breath and the sweat rolling down my back is suffocating, I focus on deep breathing and the coolness of the fans – I don’t just stop running.

‘Breaks’ aren’t comfortable. They require effort, a little force, forward momentum. Effort isn’t typically comfortable. I always see God testing me by simply seeing if I will try. It took two weeks of consistently coming to the gym before I felt Him give me that supernatural boost of energy and strength to level up. I tried my best, then He met me where I’m at to draw me closer to His plan for my life, just as He always does.

The modern world wants everything to be comfortable, and that’s why we get stuck where we are at instead of growing together. Just try today. Ask God what He wants you to do. Then do it, and ask Him to help you. He will.

(It’s funny, as I was finishing typing this, a song came on the Planet Fitness channel repeating the words “Just give me a try”. On point.)”

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