Stat Update #3

Workout Jam of the Day

“Fearless” By: Jasmine Murray

What Did I Eat Today

Breakfast – 3 Scrambled Organic Free Range Eggs w/ Garden Salsa

Lunch Hyvee Veggie Sushi Roll (Avocado, Cucumber, & Cream Cheese)

Snack – Fruit Smoothie (Frozen Cherries, Strawberries, Dole Strawberry Orange Banana Juice, Vanilla Protein Powder)

Dinner Sweet Earth Awesome Veggie Burger (King Hawaiian Bun, Onion, Lettuce, Tomato, Dill Pickle, Organic Ketchup, Olive Oil Mayo) & Watermelon

Gym Journal

The gym was closed from mid March until May 13th. I did my best to eat well and stay active during that time and am pleased to report that I didn’t gain anything back or lose any progress visibly. I did have to reclaim some of my strength and running progress when I came back the first week, but it didn’t take long. Even in those few weeks since the first day they reopened, I have made some awesome strides!

I determined that I need to give more focus to my arms. I am super done with upper arm flab! I spoke with the trainer and she directed me to use the Assisted Pullup and Row machines to target this area. She also recommended using free weights that you lift and lower behind year head with your hands together. Due to four different positions on the pullup machine that target most major arm muscles, I didn’t give as much focus to the other arm machines during this time until it was time for my next status update. Just so you know, the weights on this machine reduce how much you are lifting, so the lower the number, the better. Right now I’m doing it at 175 pounds, but someday I want to do it at 0 pounds and accomplish the first actual unassisted pull-up in my entire life.

Before photos:

As far as planking goes, I stopped pushing for a longer hold time and instead increased the intensity of what I was doing during that minute and a half. I have added doing alternating leg lifts to the beat of “Happy Dance” By: Mercy Me. I love that song!

Initially when I came back I was fighting so hard in my own strength to get back in my groove, and it was leaving me drained and exhausted each time. It was only when I surrendered and it all back to God that progress returned, and my joy over it left me energized and refreshed! A little over a week after I was back, I was near the end of my run and invited God to help me through it, and in a second wind reclaimed my previous best time of 12:29. The next day I invited him before the first step and for the first time ever got my mile time under 12 minutes! The next time after that I hit 11:36, only 3 seconds off from my next micro goal. According to army stats, an 11:33 mile time would put me in the top 50% of women age 33-36 (I will be 34 in August). Additionally I shaved several minutes off of my best 5K (3.11 miles) time. God is good!!!

I love how every major stride I take forward is a God thing. My well is finite, but His is infinite, and His Spirit dwells in me. I can tap into it from the first step or 10 minutes in when my personal well is dry. Either way He’s there all the time. I still had to sweat for it, but as my pastor so eloquently put it recently, the Holy Spirit is your helper, not your doer. You still have to do it, and God will assist, amplify, connect, guide, and support your efforts.

Overall I am pleased at even the slightest bit of positive progress in these times. Staying home with my kids during quarantine would have made it super easy to be lazy, eat junk, and gain weight back. The pictures may not look hugely different between update 2 and 3, but man am I happy for every slight difference. A couple pounds down is not 10 pounds up. Hallelujah!

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